"The formation of Gypsy Hack was dark and unspeakable, and the curse that was cast has been a bitch", says drummer and vocalist Cheri Croff. "There are just some things that are better not talked about." The room becomes quiet and both players are distracted and peering out the window at the sky.

I pose the question to guitarist, vocalist, Ezekiel Kelly, Who are amongst your greatest infuences?

"Most likely aliens," he replies, "Though I'm not sure to what degree they have affected my playing...but yes. There are some really great players out there."

Are you in contact now?

"We shouldn't talk about this either." Chimes in Croff, giving Kelly A sideward glance and slamming her foot into his. He smiles at her as if to suggest he will get her back later.

Why all the secrets? I ask them.

"And why not?" replies Croff.

Ok then... What are your plans regarding the release of your first Album together?

Kelly looks confused, "Well we're not going to let it get away. It has been a whole lot of work! We plan to keep it safe inside a paper case."

Croff adds, "But we sure would like everyone to listen to it!"

hmmm... I meant, what are your ultimate plans?

"To take over the world." Says Kelly, smiling again. "Without resorting to explosives this time."

"Well maybe at least parts parts of it." Adds Croff. "Various communities around the globe, neighborhoods, you know just blocks worth of people... and thier pets too!"

Kelly cuts in, "We plan to start with trailer parks."

"Cheri is a dynamic and versatile percussionist and a powerful, enchanting vocalist." says Marilyn O'Malley of the Victory Review, Olympia WA. The stride Jazz and swing sound of the 20's and 30's was the soundtrack of Croff's youth. Her father and grandfather were both aggressive players of the genre. This was the perfect atmosphere for the budding drummer and singer. After so much playing on the piano with sticks, her father at last bought her a five piece kit. Everything got loud! Eventually the beat would drive Cheri's mother to tears and the drumset would have to go. Croff then became a hand percussionist, and in so doing became mobile. She then found her people, in parks warehouses and eventually the stage. She still considers her father as her greatest influence and often reminesces about his love for traveling and gypsy music.

Ezekiel uncovered a love for songwriting while strumming his mother's old guitar. Born in a barn and raised on a sailboat, he had an unusual set of influences. His mother liked to sing old gospel hymns and play guitar, while his father constructed epic-scale jury-rigs and fought one-man campains against "The System". He finally decided to separate his family from the evils of "The World" but rock and roll had different plans... Whenever mom and dad were gone, his two older sisters would crank up "The Contraban". "Queen" and "Led Zeppelin" blared from the stereo into Zekey's formative little ears. And although Ezekiel claims that "Space Aliens" are responsible for most his ideas, one can't help but hear the gears of his fathers mind, the grace of his mother's hands, and his sister's rock and roll rebellion, all twisted into the tone of his music. "This guy is just about the coolest thing I've seen here in our area ever... He is a pirate or a gypsy or something in between... an impeccable musician." says James Bauer, a bay area venue owner.